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Avoid cuts to health care funding for Florida’s most vulnerable

Tallahassee – The Coalition to Heal Healthcare in Florida, Inc., has introduced a new television commercial shining a light on the impact of proposed Medicaid cuts on the state’s most vulnerable citizens: its children.

The spot notes that seven in 10 Floridians enrolled in the Medicaid program are pregnant women and children, therefore cuts would affect these two groups the most. The Coalition, a statewide bipartisan organization, is working at the grassroots level to stop unprecedented cuts to Florida’s Medicaid program.

“It’s bad enough that Medicaid cuts would harm those Floridians who are least able to find other ways to obtain health care. But the harm that cuts will cause to children is inexcusable and cannot be ignored,” said Bruce Rueben, president of the Florida Hospital Association.

The commercial will debut on February 17.   It is part of a broader Coalition effort against Medicaid cuts that includes a website, social media engagement platforms and an earlier TV commercial. The Coalition’s overall message to legislators is No More Cuts.

The video, “The Children’s Wing,” can be viewed at (more…)


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Which words drive PR professionals crazy?

That’s the question PR Daily publisher Mark Ragan asked his Twitter followers last week, using the hashtag #3WordsPRProsHate.  The suggestions poured in.

Here are five of the most commonly mentioned words and 3-word phrases:

1. Spin
2. Unique
3. Guru
4. Synergy
5. Innovate

1. Off the record
2. Return on investment
3. Let’s circle back
4. Low hanging fruit
5. Competitor was mentioned

I ABSOLUTELY agree with Mark’s list, but wonder how many MEDIA IMPRESSIONS his column received.

IRREGARDLESS of the results, don’t you think its time we all GOT BACK TO BASICS and stayed FOCUSED ON THE FUTURE!


1 of Many

Passion Rules! (more…)


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FL budget cuts hurt children and the disabled

As a Floridian, I am deeply concerned about recent proposals
to balance the state budget by once again considering cuts to Medicaid. I
urge the Florida Legislature to oppose any further reductions to this program.

Medicaid provides hospital care to our most vulnerable neighbors. Eight out of ten
people who receive care through this program are children, elderly or
disabled. It is a vital service that has already been cut dramatically in
previous legislative sessions.   

In fact, I learned that the program has been cut $966 million since 2005,
including $500 million just last spring. Cuts of this magnitude will
undoubtedly hurt the hospital care available to us all. 

The loss of staffing and services cannot be isolated to just the patients covered
through Medicaid. I know that many of my friends and neighbors share my concerns,
 as it will affect them too.  (more…)

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Moffitt partners with Sanford-Burnham and Florida Hospital on Personalized Medicine

Moffitt Cancer Center, Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute and Florida Hospital have announced they will collaborate on the creation of a Personalized Medicine Partnership of Florida (PMP Florida). The partnership will conduct collaborative research to accelerate discovery and develop new treatments in the areas of cancer and metabolic diseases, including obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

PMP Florida will revolutionize health care by creating partnerships among Florida-based centers of excellence in medical research and clinical care. Together, the organizations will develop and utilize new molecular and genomic technologies to discover, translate and personalize interventions for preventing and treating debilitating diseases more efficiently to improve health care outcomes while reducing costs.

PMP Florida will leverage Moffitt’s Total Cancer Care™ to develop similar research and clinical protocols in other disease areas including metabolic diseases. The partnership will hasten the discovery and development of new treatments by bringing together the complementary strengths of Florida Hospital’s large patient population and clinical research expertise; Sanford-Burnham’s fundamental research expertise and technology platforms; and Moffitt’s biospecimen bank, data warehouse and personalized medicine capabilities.

“As a statewide resource for cancer research and treatment, Moffitt seeks to foster relationships such as these to maximize the state’s investment in the overall health and well-being of patients,” said William S. Dalton, Ph.D., M.D., CEO and center director of Moffitt. “We feel this partnership will enhance Florida’s national and international reputation in the discovery, translation, delivery and dissemination of personalized care.”