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20% will resist change no matter what

Jeffrey Papa and Tom Hayes, from the marketing firm  SimpsonScarborough, point to the 20-60-20 rule about organizations as a major stumbling block to change in higher ed marketing: While 20 percent of employees will be enthusiastic about organizational change and 60 percent could be persuaded to go along, the remaining 20 percent will resist no matter what—and those could be longtime, tenured faculty members. “The people who don’t make the transition moving forward are the presidents who spend too much time and energy trying to persuade those 20 percent who are never going to change,” Mr. Hayes says. “At some point you have to give the get-on-the-train speech: We love you people, but we’re going.”

To see the complete article, visit The Chronicle of Higher Education at  http://bit.ly/dAjCKq

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  1. Richard McDevitt says:

    Amen to that…..this is a well known fact. And the 20% can be epidemic among staff that feel less “embraced” than faculty at times.
    Thanks for sharing Joe…hope you’re well!

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