About this Blog

The HiceSchool blog is produced and managed by Joe Hice, APR, CPRC, MA, MBA.  That would be me, Vice President, Public Relations & Marketing at the Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute in Tampa, FL.  APR means I am Accredited in Public Relations.  CPRC means I am a Certified Public Relations Counselor.  Those serious about the public relations profession earn these designations after working in the industry for a while.  You’ve got to pass a competency test to receive them and demonstrate a continued effort towards professional development to maintain.  MA and MBA are the degrees I hold from  institutes of higher education (UF and Wisconsin respectively.)  And yes, you’ve got to pass a lot of tests to use them too.

While staff, students, doctors, nurses, patients, and family  are invited to contribute to www.hiceschool.com, others may contribute as well.  Really, anybody who feels like commenting is welcome.  You’ll probably see comments from my wife and kids, my brother and sister, friends and lots of other totally unbiased observers.  You’ll also see photographs of the circus dogs who are part of the family.  A cat may appear from time to time as well, though the cats are much more elusive.

I arrived at Moffitt in April 2011, after a 20-month stint at NC State University and four-plus years (also known as five football seasons) with my Alma mater, the University of Florida in Gainesville, where I was responsible for university communications and marketing.  My real claim to fame at Florida is the UF branding campaign, better known as The Gator Nation.  I was also well known by the Dean of Students when I attended UF, but that was so long ago no one remembers.  I served as a writer for the Independent Florida Alligator student newspaper and was also a student senator way back when.  When friends from my MBA program found out I was pledge trainer for my fraternity (SAE), I earned the nickname Blutarsky.  Only people from Wisconsin use that though.

The main objective of  HiceSchool is to provide comments on life in Tampa, as well as to provide information about health care marketing in general and to correct inaccurate, incomplete or just plain dumb statements about health care (especially cancer care) and there are plenty of them to go around.  Also, since there are about 200 million blog sites on the web, the name is a transparent attempt to be memorable.

I welcome your fawning comments and suggestions about HiceSchool and hope you’ll share your thoughts, or at least the funny, original, non-slanderous ones, on the blog itself as well as on the individual posts on the site.

While I will attempt to update the blog on a regular basis, no promises about their frequency will be made.  I hope you find the commentary at HiceSchool somewhat interesting and of redeeming social value. If not, the post that follows will probably be more interesting.

Next time you’re in Tampa look for me. I’ll be the guy walking the little dogs down Bayshore Blvd. with the really cute wife!