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Why the iPad will kill traditional PC sales

The iPad and other tablet computers are flooding the market and they will change the way we all think about computing.  They also spell the decline of laptop computers and possibly the extinction of desk top systems.

According to Best Buy Chief Executive Brian Dunn, the iPad has replaced as much as half of all laptop sales. Further, the little tablet is also slowing TV sales, despite the manufacturers’ desperate push to shift 3-D sets.  http://bit.ly/ce0zgX

This shouldn’t surprise anyone because it’s the same pattern the original PC followed when it replaced big main frame systems; or when laptop sales topped traditional desk top PC sales.

It’s pretty simple.  Hundreds of thousands of kids received iPads and other tablet computers for Christmas.  For many, it is their first “personal computer” and the computer they will grow up with.  They will move through High School and College with tablet computers and will learn that the “cloud” takes the place of the hard drive or DVD.  Before you know it, the laptop will be the choice of the older generation.

So, give it four years and the laptop will be the back up system, or the one used only at home.  And as all this is taking place, it’s only a matter of time before the desk top as the backup goes the way of the tube television.

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