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According to study, Facebook users are narcissistic, insecure and have low self esteem

Another classic finding from the world of “pop research.”  More like pop monkey if you ask me.  I guess the same was  said about people who created their own web sites, built their own companies, or put their family portrait on the holiday card.  Just classic.

Reminds me of when the guru’s from Forrester Research told the magazine Public Relations Tactics  that marketers shouldn’t use Foursquare as a promotion tool because the research shows it’s too new — no, too small –  to be effective.   http://www.hiceschool.com/1-of-many/omg-did-that-analyst-really-just-tell-marketers-to-hang-back-and-avoid-innovation/ God forbid you’d want to be the first one to do anything.  The one who created a trend. The one who discovered a new way to do things.

Here’s what the research said about Facebook:  “Facebook provides an ideal setting for narcissists to monitor their appearance and how many ‘friends’ they have, the study said, as it allows them to thrive on ‘shallow’ relationships while avoiding genuine warmth and empathy.”

Researcher Soraya Mehdizadeh from York University in Canada asked 100 students, 50 male and 50 female, aged between 18 and 25 about their Facebook habits.

They all took psychology tests to measure their levels of narcissism, which the study defined as ‘a pervasive pattern of grandiosity, need for admiration, and an exaggerated sense of self-importance’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1310230/Facebook-users-narcissistic-insecure-low-self-esteem.html##ixzz0z813Biuh

I don’t understand why so many supposed smart people can be so dumb. Facebook, like Twitter, Foursquare and the Royal typewriter are just tools used by people to tell stories.  Tools used by communications professionals to tell stories.

Communicators use these tools and tell our stories as we work to build our networks.  The larger our networks, the greater our influence. The greater our influence, the greater our ability to implement change. And why do we want change?  If we want to do anything different, if we want to go where no one has gone before, we’ve got to change.  Change the way we think. Change the way we look at things. Change the way we do things.  You want different results than the results you’re getting today, the formula is simple…change.

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1 Janie :) { 09.10.10 at 7:52 am }

my motto:
If you change the way you look at things
the things you look at change.

great article Joe!

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