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Dunkin’ – Own the entire Doughnut Nation!

Back in September 2005 we introduced the world to a new way to approach university marketing and The Gator Nation was born.  It was actually The University of Florida, The Foundation for The Gator Nation, but it’s The Gator Nation idea that has been really sticky.

So sticky that I can’t keep track of all the Nation’s that are popping up here and there.  There’s the NASCAR Nation, the FOX Sports Nation, ESPN Nation, Buckeye Nation, Tiger Nation, Nike Nation, Wolfpack Nation (ouch) and … well, I could go on for ever.

Now along comes Dunkin’ Doughnuts with the Dunkin’ Nation.  But if you’re gonna steal somebody’s nation, steal the whole thing.

Own the whole thing

Dunkin' Nation

I’d have called it the Doughnut Nation.  The goal, afer all, is to own the entire category.  The Dunkin’ Nation is kind of like owning the doughnut hole.  Does Krispy Kreme own the rest of the doughnut?

So Dunkin’ Doughnuts, , if you’re gonna own the category, own the entire category; The Doughnut Nation.

If you’re going to claim something, claim all of it.

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