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FL budget cuts hurt children and the disabled

As a Floridian, I am deeply concerned about recent proposals
to balance the state budget by once again considering cuts to Medicaid. I
urge the Florida Legislature to oppose any further reductions to this program.

Medicaid provides hospital care to our most vulnerable neighbors. Eight out of ten
people who receive care through this program are children, elderly or
disabled. It is a vital service that has already been cut dramatically in
previous legislative sessions.   

In fact, I learned that the program has been cut $966 million since 2005,
including $500 million just last spring. Cuts of this magnitude will
undoubtedly hurt the hospital care available to us all. 

The loss of staffing and services cannot be isolated to just the patients covered
through Medicaid. I know that many of my friends and neighbors share my concerns,
 as it will affect them too. 

A recent survey of Florida voters shows that 75 percent oppose further
cuts to funding for health care services to low income families, children,
the elderly and disabled. You can view the results on the web at:

It is a tough challenge to balance the state budget in the midst of 
struggling economic projections. The poor economy has led to an increase 
in the number of people who must get care through the Medicaid health program. 
In times like this, our state must live up to its commitment to care for our 
most vulnerable.  

As a result of past cuts, hospitals have already had to close primary
care clinics, reduce critical OB/GYN services and discontinue outpatient
chemotherapy services.  For some, these are lifesaving resources that are
now gone. Along with the loss of services, we are losing good health care

If further reductions are enacted, we all lose. Please OPPOSE FURTHER CUTS
that will negatively impact our patients, caregivers and hospitals. 

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