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Jack Bauer and Media Relations . . . or maybe it’s just Publicity

“Maybe you didn’t understand me. This man is our only connection to a stolen nuclear warhead. If you don’t save him, millions of people could die! Do you understand that? Millions of people.”
–Jack Bauer from the TV series, “24″

With the return of Jack Bauer and “24” tonight,  I thought it was appropriate to revive a publicity campaign we introduced at NC State in 2010 that capitalized on the then-popularity of the series to promote nuclear safety.  I blogged about it then, so why not now.

The question was simple, “So, is this what we’ve come to with media relations today?”  I ask, almost tongue in cheek, because the headline is an approach I suggested to promote NC State’s involvement in the Raleigh Grand Challenge Summit back in March 2010.


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