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Quinlan’s views on The Brand Promise

A little over 20 years ago I bought a North Face rain slicker while on vacation in Seattle. Typical ad guy, I didn’t believe the press about how it rained a lot out there.

It cost $90. That seemed like a lot for a slicker, but they offered a lifetime warranty. And I was soaked.

I wore it 12 years before the seam tape finally lost its grip. I sent it to be repaired, which it was — excellently and with no sass.

Last fall, the ‘repair’ tape also finally lost its grip. I sent it back again, albeit skeptical as to whether it would be fixed.

Today, I received a FedEx Letter from The North Face. “Hmm, that’s certainly not my 20-year-old slicker…” I thought.

Instead, there was a nice letter saying how sorry they were that the could not repair my item — but that the lifetime warranty stood firm — and therefore please fine enclosed a $90 gift card good at any The North Face store or their website.

How awesome is that? And how long did it take me to promote their decision, and encourage everyone I know to consider their brand?

So, marketeers: Does your brand really — really — walk the talk?

Posted by Mike Quinlan

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