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Technican is not going anywhere

Despite the lunatic fringe out there who are spreading rumors that the Technician may go away, it’s not gonna happen.  NC State is behind the newspaper and student media.  Lots of soul searching going on and no doubt, a reorganization or rearrangement may be in order, but gone.  Never.

First published in 1920, Technician is celebrating its 90th anniversary this year.  A pretty impressive accomplishment.  While it can’t compare to The Dartmouth up in Hannover, NH which is 211 years old (it gets cold up there and the kids need something to do,) 90 is  nothing to sneeze at.  Alumni from around the world have rallied around the paper in a show of support that should make the Wolfpack proud.

The student newspaper is part of the college experience and I can’t imagine a university without one.  In fact, as a senior I wrote for the Independent Florida Alligator at UF.  Today the youngest pup in the Hice pack is a photographer for same student paper.  Has the main front page photo in today’s edition!

Rather than running around creating panic, supporters of the paper should do just that, support it.  Let the students know, let student media services know, let university administration know that Technician is an important part of life here at NC State.  Demand that it receives the kind of attention it deserves, but offer constructive ideas.  All this screaming and yelling.  Gotta tell you.  Not attractive and certainly not what I’d expect from those who really care about the paper.

Those who do care have created a Web site to help pull things together.  You’ll find an area to offer suggestions, updates on what is really happening and a roster of former editors, reporters and photographers.  Check it out:  http://savetechnician.com/

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