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To centralize or not! That is the question.

An old debate is rearing its head again.  At least according to Inside Higher Ed  (http://www.insidehighered.com/news/2010/12/13/budget) it is and given what’s going on in North Carolina, I’d have to agree with them. Just take a look at Gov. Bev Perdue’s recommendations to streamline state budgets highlighted in last week’s post, “Consolidate & Privatize State Agencies.”

The two primary camps of higher education budgetary strategy have for years been wrestling over whether it’s better to dole out revenues from a central administration or allow individual colleges to control their own financial destinies. With an economic crisis now draining dollars from college coffers across the country, that question is yet again top of mind on several campuses.

The debate over the two models essentially boils down to whether colleges or academic units within a university should bear their own expenses and keep their share of tuition, grants and gifts – “Each Tub On Its Own Bottom,” it’s often said – or be given a share of resources from the central administration based on established institutional priorities.

Kind of gets you thinking doesn’t it.

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