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Trenta cup spells commoditization of Starbucks

I’ve been kind of harsh on Starbucks Coffee lately as the company works to roll out a new logo and possibly, a new brand image.  I think the approach they are taking is a bad move as evidenced from earlier posts, but now I’m convinced the Starbucks we have grown to love and patronize is rapidly disappearing.

Witness the Trenta, a 31 ounce behemoth of coffee.  Think of the Double Whopper or Wendy’s triple-stack.  It’s just ridiculous.

Can’t wait to see the trenta-sized price the chain will put on the barrel-full-of-coffee when it goes national.  Fortunately for those of us in the South, we get it first!

At least McDonalds will have a tough time competing.  Can you imagine the challenges of passing a 31 ounce cup of hot coffee from the drive through into the car?  Look out below!


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