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Type o’s not mi problam

From www.aol.com today: Top 10 Most Common Typos in America Today
10. Subject-verb disagreement: Lemons sure is tasty.
9. That place where you go to eat: Restaraunt, restauraunt
8. The double-letter fumble: They’re shiping dinning room furniture.
7. The A-for-E sabotage: America loves its independance.
6. The confusion of tasty treats and arid sands: Try our homemade deserts.
5. The misplaced apostrophe: womens’ secret society.
4. The wrong “your” or “you’re”: Your the best at you’re job.
3. The wrong “its” or “it’s”: Its in a class of it’s own.
2. The missing apostrophe: mens fashions
1. The unnecessary apostrophe: We sell hundreds of car’s!

Pasion Roles!


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