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What does the Wolfpack mean to you

NC State Student Body President Kelly Hook and her team have been collecting comments from students about what it means to be a member of the Wolfpack.  Here, in five paragraphs, is a synopsis of what they have heard.  Some of the responses have been edited

  • Going to NC State means you are a member of a tradition that has been committed to innovation, exploration and having the desire to increase mankind’s knowledge not for personal gain, but for universal benefit (because we are a pack). –John Peterson
  • Being a part of the Wolfpack means that I will enter the workforce equipped with so much more than just the tools I need to succeed. I also have a pack of friends, supportive professors and future colleagues. NC State is unique because we are a Pack. A Wolfpack. This Pack involves everyone from the faculty and staff to the students- and we are only getting tighter. No other University has the “Pack Mentality.”  -Kelly Hook
  • It means always being part of a group. It means having a family of friends that will never go away. It means cheering the loudest your voice can hold at any game-even if we’re losing. It means late night study sessions in a huge library. It means having your pick of majors and minors with great professors for all. It means never being alone. You are a part of the Pack. –Megan Matal
  • Going to NC State and being part of the Pack means everything to me! Personally it has meant the discovery of who I truly am as an individual, student, and a friend. Academically NC State has pushed me farther than I ever dreamt I could go. Looking back at long nights spent high in the stacks of D.H. Hill Library, I smile; I now know it was worth it. Also, you don’t have to be on campus very long to know NCSU is really so much more than just studying, classes, and grades. The always accepting and diverse environment on campus has taught me that it’s perfectly okay to be myself and by being true to who I am, I’ve formed friendships here that are sure to last a lifetime. Life at NC State is everything to who I am now, and who I will be in the future. –Jenna Jones
  • Wolfpack of One. Living in a state of innovation. –Matt Woodward

No one would dare argue that with this group,

Passion Rules!


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