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Where Passion Rules!

I’m doing a presentation about the importance of establishing your own personal brand  to a group of pharmacy students from UF and other schools in Florida in a week or two.  Last century when I was in college we never talked about a brand, let alone our personal brand.

I realized when putting together the slides that my own personal brand has been built over the past 40 plus years.  It really started in college and progressed along with my journalism career, into the boating industry and Sea-Doo, then to Harley-Davidson, Segway and UF.  Then to NC State and finally to Moffitt.

When was my personal brand completed?  Never.  It grows every day as my experience and interaction with others continues.

But that doesn’t mean the foundations of the Joe Hice Brand hasn’t been set for many years. After all, you’ve got to have a strong foundation from which to build…right.

I’ll post more about this after I talk to the kids (don’t want to spoil the presentation in case any of them check out Hice School) but I will admit that my Joe Hice Brand positioning line has remained the same for a long time now.  PASSION RULES!

And thanks Luis for getting me back online.  It has been so long since I posted that I’d forgotten my password.  The Word Press guru saved the day.

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Passion Rules!


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