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Already getting ahead of myself

My staff had to set me straight this afternoon.  I posted the names of people we’d like to ask to participate on our Strategic Communications Planning sub-committees before I reached out to them.  Yikes.  Nothing like being drafted for service and finding out about it on a blog.  Not good.

But, since the names are out there already, how ’bout it guys.  Uncle Wuf Wants You!  Can you participate.  We’ll understand if you can’t, just let me or Lauren Gregg know.  Also, I’d like to include the alumni voice in the process.  We’ve got the  alumni association well represented, but I’m talking about grads who want to contribute.  Send names and suggestions too.

So, making matters worse, or maybe better, here are the lists of sub-committees and suggestions for membership.

Marketing & Public Relations Sub-Committee:

•Dr. Paul Cohen (Faculty, Engineering)

•Nate DeGraff (Engineering)

•Tilla Fern (CNR)

•Lauren Gregg (UC)

•Claudia Kimbrough, (Faculty, College of Management)

•Mick Kulikowski (UC)

•Mitzi Montoya (Faculty, College of Management)

•Jeannie Norris (Alumni)

•Emily Parker (Textiles)

•Gene Pinder (CC)

•Melinda Reta (IEI)

•Anna Rzewnick (Management)

•Steve Townsend (PAMS)

Web & Electronic Communications:

•Jason Austin (OIT)

•Donna Barnes (UC)

•Angela Brockelsby (Design)

•Charles Canteen (College of Management)

•Leslie Dare (Director of Student Affairs Technology Services)

•Doug Gillan (Psychology, Faculty member and Dept. Head)

•KeAnne Hoeg (IES)

•Kathi McBlief (Engineering)

•Ellen McDaniel (Engineering)

•Harry Nicholos (OIT, Assistant Dir. Systems & Hosted Services)

•Jim Price (Admissions)

•Chris Richter (Alumni)

•Dr. Alan Schueler (CALS IT)

•Matt Shipman (UC)

Internal Communications:

•John Barnwell (Campus Police)

•Michelle Clark (Libraries)

•David Dean (Sustainability Office)

•D’Lyn Ford (UC)

•Yvette Griffin (HR)

•Natalie Hampton (CALS)

•David Hiscoe (Libraries)

•Emily Jordan (Annual Fund)

•Lauren Kirkpatrick (CHASS)

•Sarah Noelle (OIT)

•Marielle E. Pocan (Vetmed)

Dave Pond (UC)


•Cherry Crayton (Alumni Association)

•Lisa Currin (Research & Grad School)

•Vicky Earp (UC)

•Denise Gonzales Crisp (Faculty, College of Design)

•Ann Horner (Annual Giving)

•David Hunt (UC)

•Mark McLawhorn (UC)

•Becky Morphis (Alumni Association)

•Mark Ransom (Engineering)

•Mark Tulbert (ARTS NC State)

•Nicole Wood (Admissions)

So there, I’ve done it.  All of you should expect an official email tomorrow inquiring about your interest in  the sub-committees.

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