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Flu bug strikes

Was all set for my first meeting with the Alumni Association publications team this morning when the flu hit. I know the media is hyping this Swine Flu thing to the nth degree — and I loath them for that –  but flu is a fact of life.

Think about it. We’re here on this college campus where there are more than 30,000 students. That means more than 30,000 young men and women who are in constant contact with each other and in constant motion. Of course flu is going to happen. It was made for this kind of environment.  Fortunately the folks at the Alumni Association are smart enough to stay home when they are not well. And that’s a good thing. I’m driving to Gainesville this afternoon and had I been exposed I could be spreading the bug over 500 miles of unsuspecting travelers. Heck, I could probably shut down “South of the Border” if I stopped in and infected the entire staff. But, that’s not going to happen.  I may be stopping, but won’t be infecting.

Will be spending the rest of the morning reflecting on the report titled, “An Analysis of University Communications Units of North Carolina State University.”

I think it’s ironic that the reports’ authors interviewed me about organizational structures in higher education as part of their study. That was a year before I’d even considered a move to Raleigh.  We’ll see what they have to say and begin the dialogue with university communicators to determine what makes sense and what doesn’t.

So, after five days on campus I’d have to say I made a great decision to join the team here.  The email system and computer network are frustrating because I don’t know them well…but will.  The traffic in and around campus is a challenge because I don’t know it well either…but will.  The faculty and staff are still an unknown, but I like what I’ve seen so far and the limited contact I’ve had with students has been great.

And finally, I am going to be able to wear that bright red Moto Guzzi riding jacket that has been hanging in my closet for a year without standing out in the crowd.  Red is big here at NC State and red is my favorite color.

I’m looking forward to what comes next, whatever that is.

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