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Four State COMM Subcommittee chairs announced. Initial project outline follows

Chairs for the four State COMM Subcommittees have been identified and everyone is on board.  The chairs are:

  • Emily Parker and Jeannie Norris, Co-chairs, Marketing & Public Relations Subcommittee
  • Leslie Dare, Chair, Web Subcommittee
  • Natalie Hampton, Chair, Internal Communications Subcommittee, and
  • Michelle Clark, Chair, Publications Subcommittee.

I’d like to give a special thanks to the new chairs and co-chairs.  We’re all very busy and their willingness to take on yet another significant assignment is very much appreciated.  I’d offer the same thanks to all members of the subcommittees.

The initial work plan for all the subcommittees is pretty straight forward. Take a look.

  • Schedule a subcommittee meeting for early January to discuss the committee’s charge
  • Schedule weekly, bi-weekly or monthly follow-up meetings to monitor progress
  • Evaluate the initial university-wide SWOT analysis provided during last week’s Steering Committee meeting
  • Develop a SWOT analysis for your particular area of focus. For example, what are the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats to NC State University in the area of (Marketing & Public Relations, Web, Internal Communications, Publications)
  • From that analysis, develop a list of policies and procedures designed to improve the area
  • Evaluate the key message points presented during the Steering Committee meeting last week
  • Suggest any changes that your subcommittee would recommend to those message points
  • Review the CASE “Building Brand Momentum” workbook and begin to incorporate the suggestions in the book into the strategic communications planning process
  • Provide regular updates to the office of Chief Communications Officer and Steering Committee

Our timing for plan completion is aggressive and we hope to have an initial outline in place by the end of Spring Semester. Then we’ll run the outline by senior officers on campus and go from there.  We hope to have a final plan in place by August for launch next academic year.

I know it’s a lot to ask, but sometimes you have to make unrealistic and impossible requests to achieve the remarkable..but for NC State — a truly remarkable place — what would you expect.

Passion Rules!

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