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Fun with Time Warner Cable and State COMM

Well,  the cable TV system here in Raleigh has let me down…briefly  I brought my new computer home to do some work tonight, but couldn’t get online via my cable modem.  Called the help line four times and each time was put into never never land, then hung up on.  Way to go Time Warner.  Then went to the “high speed” online help through a wireless signal I’m stealing from a neighbor.  High speed my arse.  I was on line for 30 minutes with Julian and Audrey only to be told to try again later.  Our Technical Experts are working on the issue.

Well my faith was restored about an hour later, when I turned the modem and computer off and back on again, and everything worked.

Discussion continues around the State COMM communications network ideas provided last week.  Mostly good reports from people.  I think it’s interesting that people are reluctant to respond on the Blog, but okay with doing so in person or in an email.  I’m getting questions about how I’m going to decide specific issues, but I maintain that I don’t want to be the sole decision maker.  This should be a team effort.  Thus, a team decision.  If I have to make a decision to keep things moving, so be it, but universities like this are not like big corporations.

Decisions are not very popular if dictated from on high in this kind of environment.  At Harley-Davidson, Sea-Doo, even Segway, that would not happen. The CEO says it will be and it will be.  That is one of the biggest challenges of people making the transition from corporate to higher education I think.  Many, no most, are not accustomed to that type of reaction and it can be a challenging transition.

So, meetings will continue this week as will the discussion.  A meeting of all members of the NC State Communications network has been scheduled for later this month so we’ll have a chance to ask questions and provide answers face-to-face so to speak. And so it goes.

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