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Going from here at NCSU

Today’s Op-Ed piece from the News & Observer’s Deputy Editorial Page Editor Jim Jenkins highlights the opportunities at NC State University now that Randy Woodson has been selected to be the new Chancellor.

“Randy Woodson is a most fortunate fellow, and he seems to know it. The new chancellor at N.C. State University included in his remarks upon confirmation by the UNC system’s Board of Governors some gratitude and some humor. It was a polite, gracious and low-key beginning.”

Read the rest of the story here: http://www.newsobserver.com/opinion/columnists_blogs/jenkins/story/282868.html.

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1 Scott Troutman { 01.14.10 at 6:09 am }

Great article. Looks like it was written with some passion!

2 Lisa Currin Fogarty { 01.14.10 at 6:34 am }

What a perfect way to start a new NC State day. Pitch-perfect writing, spot-on key messages. Thanks so much for posting!

3 Caroline Barnhill { 01.14.10 at 7:44 am }

Great article – thanks for posting, Joe!

4 David Hunt { 01.14.10 at 12:27 pm }

That made my day.

5 Jane Albright { 01.14.10 at 3:13 pm }

Time to tune up and toot our horn. Can’t argue with that.

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