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Happy New Year Everybody

2010 2010 2010.  Lets see, what are some of the things on our plate?

Strategic Communications Plan including focus areas, key messages, strategies and tactics to tell the NC State story.

Updated/Revised branding strategy.  Does Red Mean Go, or do we want to Achieve.  Did we all go to NC State, or are we the Foundation for the Wolfpack Nation;-)

Organizational changes.  New Chancellor, permanent provost, new deans, directors and department heads, and much much more.

And I will eventually have to get new license plates for the family vehicles.  Debating about direction here and looking for ideas.  The standard North Carolina tag can have up to eight numbers and/or letters.  Like:  NCST8-PR, NCSU-PR, ST8-GATR, HICESKUL.  Pretty lame I know, but who is that creative on a rainy new year’s day morning.

The official State of North Carolina plate with the NC State “block S” is another possibility, but it looks like every tag with the block S must start with the letter S.  Kind of limits the options, especially when you can only add four letters or other characters.  So think of a five letter word that starts with “S.”   ST8PR, SYNCH, STIKY, STYLE.

There are a number of specialty plates available, but they can only use four numbers or letters.  So, if I can’t get NCSU, it’s probably a not go.  But, aha!  NCSU is available with the Save the Sea Turtles, Shag Dancing, The Buddy Pelletier Surfing Foundation, Save the Wildlife, Forestry Forever, and Our Tobacco Heritage plates. They don’t have the requirement of starting with a big S so four letters are much more flexible.  But how do you relate them back to NC State University?

Finally, there are the other university specialty plates. They also have four letters Without the S at the beginning.  For example,  the University of Florida plate which has the Gator Head design and The Gator Nation theme below it.  Yes, you can get a Gator tag in North Carolina.  Ironically, the design is taken from the design I created in 2006 for the State of Florida’s University of Florida license tag.  It has the Gator Head logo then four letters:  NCSU is available.

Too much “Gator?” I suspect so.


Ideas?  Suggestions?  I’m open.

I’m looking forward to the work ahead of us in 2010 and wish everyone a Happy New Year!

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1 Sherry { 01.05.10 at 6:47 am }

How about a Gator plate (since that IS your alma mater) with ST8PR? Could work!!

2 Joe Hice { 01.05.10 at 7:14 am }

Might be a gutsy move?

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