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Headed to Raleigh

Just finishing up a great motorcycle ride in Southern California.   The weather out here really is amazing.  Never got above 80 or below 60.  Marine layer blew in most mornings, but burned off by noon.  Made for some spectacular riding conditions.  While the riding was great the camaraderie was even better.  Saw guys I haven’t seen in several years yet it seemed like we were working (or riding) together just the other day.  It’s that Passion thing I like to talk about at NC State.  There are things we all do that are just part of who and what we are.  Things we care about but can’t always explain why.  Sound familiar.  As one of my old agencies used to say, Passion Rules!

And can anyone tell me how to spell check on Word Press.

Al for now.  Back in the office on Wednesday after the long day of travel home Tuesday.

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Try this, Joe:


See you tomorrow!

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