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NC State Communications Network — 1st Draft

So I tossed the idea out a few days ago about putting more form and function behind the NC State Communications Network.  I’ve talked about the group with a number of people and talked about some ideas on how we can use the larger organization to develop a strategic communications plan for the entire university.  I’ve pulled information we used at UF and Harley.  I’m talking to the Chancellor’s office, administration, colleges, units, alumni association, Centennial Campus, libraries, the whole ball of yarn, so to speak.

Now’s the time for comments or forever hold your peace.

I’m out tomorrow and because this post is so full of beef and because I’m posting it so late, I’m counting it as today’s and tomorrow’s.  I do get to set the rules here at HiceSchool.com, don’t ya know.

Nine of 100

10 of 100


The North Carolina State University Communications Network (STATE COMM) will be made up of NC State Communicators including information officers, news writers, public relations professionals, publications and marketing professionals and others from across campus. By working together, STATE COMM will provide news and information about NC State and enhance communications both within NC State and with the university’s critical publics. The network will be charged with providing more efficient and effective communications, greater use of existing resources and enhanced public relations to strengthen the university.

Structure and Mission

STATE COMM will be coordinated by NC State’s Office of University Communications and an advisory board chaired by the Chief Communications Officer or by his designee. Members of the advisory board will be appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the chair.

The mission of STATE COMM will be to enhance and maximize the overall communications efforts of NC State University, and to assist in the development and implementation of coordinated and consistent university-wide messages.


  • Develop a university-wide strategic communications plan
    • To consistently communicate unified messages and initiatives to NC State Communicators
    • To serve as a clearinghouse for  NC State issues, incidents and plans
    • To coordinate and promote training and professional development opportunities for its members
    • To take advantage of shared resources and ideas among members
    • To promote camaraderie among members


There will be four active STATE COMM committees and an Advisory Board.  All members of the NC State Communications Network will be encouraged to participate.  The work of the committees will contribute significantly to the communications systems, policies and procedures on campus.  Meeting times/dates will be scheduled by the individual committee chairs, and meetings will normally be held monthly.

  • STATE COMM Advisory Board

The nine- to 13-member board will be made up of key communicators from across campus and representatives from University Communications.  Their role will be to provide guidance and oversight for the organization.   The advisory board will also be responsible for leading the development of a university-wide strategic communications planning initiative.   The plan will coordinate a campus-wide effort to promote strategic communications; strengthen the university’s brand and unify key themes and messages; maximize use of available research and resources; identify and propagate best practices and the most cost-effective communications strategies; and provide guidance where needed on implementation and evaluation.

  • Marketing / Public Relations Committee

Involved with communications that include a marketing component, such as strategic planning, awareness campaigns and advertising. Also charged with helping campus communicators become more effective through improved tools, processes and training programs.

  • Web/Electronic Communications Committee

Concerned with all forms of electronic communications as they involve the university.   This would include the NC State homepage, college and unit home pages, social networking activities, and more.

  • Publications Committee

The Publications Committee will focus on external publications across campus and work to develop design and graphic guidelines that reflect the NC State brand and key messages of the university.

  • Internal Communications Committee

Concerned with improving the efficiency and effectiveness of internal communications, campus-wide.

More to come.  Much more.  And if you don’t like the State COMM name, shoot me your suggestions.  Hey, maybe we can give a prize to whoever has the best name suggestion.  We can vote on it at the big group meeting.

The outline is taken from the outline for the network we had at UF.  It works.  http://ufcn.urel.ufl.edu/


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3 Jenny Weston { 10.07.09 at 11:51 am }


I’d be glad to serve in any capacity that you feel would be best. I think your idea of having better structure, cooperation and inclusion is just what the communications network at NC State needs. The College of Engineering will definitely be ready to do its part.


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