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OMG, The Boss is 60!

Never mind the transition at NC State, Bruce Springsteen turned 60 today. Been doing the same thing for near on 45 years. Can you imagine doing anything that long, that well? I am impressed.

Another good day at NC State, in Raleigh and in North Carolina. Meetings with Deans, Directors, Department heads continue. Spent a little time with my awesome staff. I can’t believe they are putting up with this.  It’s part of the process so I beg patience.

A  highlight of the day was a visit to the College of Textiles where Hanesbrands announced details of a climb up Mount Everest with climber Jamie Clark. Hanes will introduce a new line of outdoor gear as part of the climb.  Good place to introduce a new line of lightweight, rugged, odor resistant gear I thought.

The company chose the College of Textiles to launch the expedition because it has been a leader in the development of new fibers and technologies; The things that make the new line of clothing possible.

Textiles has been around since 1899 and is the leader in the nation.  Lighter, more protective fire suit; new and improved hospital gown; nano fibers to extend the life of lithium batteries, all developed at the college recently.

Jamie tried Everest twice before succeeding on No. 3. He talked about his first two “failures” but said he viewed those tries as an opportunity to develop the wisdom necessary to get really hard things done.  Hanes says the trip will be promoted on line at www.climbeverestwithus.com.

 In addition to launching a new line of gear, Hanesbrands says it wants to “inspire others to accomplish their hard challenges.”

I hope I have that wisdom for the challenges here at NC State.

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