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That Passion thing again

Just back in town from an all-too-short motorcycle fix in Southern California, where natural beauty abounds around every turn.  The Pacific Coast Highway never ceases to amaze me.  Water shouldn’t be so blue (if you get what I mean!)

One of the highlights of the trip was an opportunity to spend some time with the oldest pup in the family who is working in Los Angeles.  Another was spending time with Jay Leno, a buddy from Harley-Davidson days.  There’s one focused individual.  He’s producing five one hour television shows a week, but still finds time to work on his cars and motorcycles in “Jay’s Garage.”  He spent the day we were with him talking about — and riding –  his jet bike.  Yep, a jet-powered motorcycle.  Now that, my friends, is fun stuff.

He will be one of the first to tell you that his love of cars and motorcycles helps him maintain his perspective when the world around seems to be going mad.  That passion thing again.  The oldest in the Hice pack is in LA because of passion as well.  She wants to make movies and is passionate about it. Rather than staying put in New York City, she said she needed to be where the action is…LA.  That Passion thing again.


The passion people have for this university has also been demonstrated the last couple of days and, no, I’m not talking about football, though I could hear the cries from LA.

The Chancellor had to make some tough decisions about the university and the emails and phone calls he has received are just gooey with passion.  Some good, some bad.  What you’d expect with something like this.  But he made the decision he thought was best for the university.  He is passionate about the place and he wants what is best for NC State.  I think that’s what we all want and I’m looking forward to a rousing conversation next Wednesday when the communicators from across campus get together to start work on a new Strategic Communications Plan for NC State.

Don’t know if it will be gooey or goofy, but I know the people here care about NC State…that Passion thing again.

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