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The academic success of STUDENT athletes

At many of our universities — public and private — our supporters tend to forget that our athletes are first and foremost, students.  You know, student athletes.

In my former life, it seemed like far too often we battled with the conference and the NCAA to highlight the academic side of the university.  While the athletic association understood the student side and was always in our corner, the conference was not always so easy to work with.  I know they understood/understand that academics comes first, but at times you had to ask yourself if that was a sure thing.

“We don’t have any space for you” was the constant refrain when we attempted to get space to display our academic success at conference, tournament and national championship games.  Well, just what do you think the University before the University of Florida means.  We’re an institution of higher education people!

So, I was very excited when I receive the “2009 Scholar Athlete Poster” from the Athletic Association here at NC State.  There in print, a celebration of the academic success of our Student Athletes; the names and majors of 208 athletes with a 3.0 or higher GPA’s for the Spring Semester.  Majors ranged from computer science, to math, to environmental technology and history and everything in between. Sports from football, basketball and baseball to rifle, soccer and swimming.

Congratulations to all the young men and women who made the list.  You help make NC State great.  And congratulations to the coaches, faculty, staff and everyone else supporting you along the way.   You go Wolfpack!

On the communications front, meetings and readings continue.  So much to learn.  While NC State is similar in many ways to my alma mater, it has its own style and personality and more of it shines through every day.  How to explain?  Like brothers and sisters.  Not really.  Like nieces and nephews.  Not that either.  More like friends who grew up together then moved away.  The foundation is the same,  but now it’s different.

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