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The “Student Project”

I’m excited today.  The first group of students has approached me about a project that involves university communications.  You don’t get these kind of opportunities anywhere else, at least not on a regular basis.  Working with students is really what higher education is all about.  Sure, you’ve got to get out the news about the research and discovery taking place on campus, the novel flu outbreak in town, the library of the 22nd century, that kind of stuff, but working with students is why we’re here.

The group wants to talk about the NC State branding campaign, especially the television portion of the effort.  I’m anxious to hear what they think of the work and what suggestions they will have after their research has been completed.

On other fronts, more meetings!  Hey, what a surprise.  Floating the ideas to increase the activities of the NC State University Communications Network and it is being met with positive comments.  Names are already reaching me of people who would like to be involved on the various committees.  A dean or two has even noted the effort and that’s a good thing.

Headed for Gainesville tomorrow afternoon then next week is a short week for me.  If you’ve looked at my background you know I’m a motorcycle guy from way back when and I’ll be in California working on a “project” with several of my motorcycle buddies.  Did I mention the project involves riding motorcycles:-)  Yes, that makes me happy, though I’m looking forward to getting settled in here in Raleigh and doing a little riding in this area.  No need to go all the way to California when mountains and beach are an hour or two away.

That means next week will be light on posts, but then this is not Harry Potter. I’m sure you can bear the separation.

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