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Timetable for Change

Spent some time today talking about time…how much time we need to implement a strategic communications planning process on campus, I should say.

The Chancellor and his staff were pretty stoked that we actually had the outline of a plan and a rough schedule.  More to come during the meeting with the NC State Communications Network on Wednesday, Oct. 21, but strategic planning will “officially” begin that day.  We’ll use the rest of October, November and December to organize the committee structure, then get to work in earnest in January.  Goal — no, the Deadline — is to have everything completed and ready to launch around the end of Spring semester.  I’m thinking mid-April. Milestones will be targeted along the way.

I know it’s going to be a challenge, but if everyone from the NC State Communications network is involved in the process and plays an active role in the changes, we’ll meet that deadline without any trouble.  And the Chancellor has been very clear, we need to make some changes.

Speaking of change, those of you on Campus know that Hillsborough Street is in the midst of a major change.  Yeah, it’s  a mess (a construction mess) and a challenge to navigate, but did you know that the Homecoming Parade is going to happen on that very street…construction and all.  On Nov. 6 around 6 p.m. the marching band will lead the way.  Should be an interesting site.

Preparing for my trip out west to do some motorcycle riding.  Lots to think about on the road.   Lots.

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