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Travel is such a pain

Traveling this afternoon to Tampa where I’m presenting to a group of judicial and law enforcement PIO’s from around the south.  Should be a good group and my topics — crisis communications and how Web2.0 is changing the face of public relations — are fun topics.  If only I didn’t have to travel on Delta Airlines through Atlanta.

Fine out of Raleigh, despite the mini hurricane.  Got to ATL early and actually boarded the plane early.  Then sat, and sat and sat on the tarmac.  50 minutes in all.  I had to laugh when the pilot came on when we had finally reached the end of the runway and said we’re number 3 in line.  Like we didn’t notice the 20 planes that took off before we became No. 3.  As we rolled down the runway and lifted off I counted the jets in line.  Yep 20.  You have to wonder when things get too big. Couldn’t the airlines see this coming?  Couldn’t ATL see this coming.  You gotta wonder what people are/were thinking.

On a positive note, the volunteers continue to roll in for our State COMM strategic communications planning process.  I hope to provide some more framing around our tasks next week, but I couldn’t be more excited about the response.  We’ll get this ship turned and when we do, I’m going to ask everyone to take a bow.  The passion and commitment to NC State is phenomenal.  This university, this state, owes you all a debt of gratitude. Ah, but yeah, now we have to deliver.

So from sunny Florida here’s number

35 of 100


1 Roger Pynn { 11.13.09 at 9:00 am }

Joe … You’re supposed to call before coming to Florida. Good to see the TEAM Hice approach taking root at NC State … and good to see y’all will be visiting Bright House Networks Stadium next fall for another UCF whuppin’.

2 Joe Hice { 11.13.09 at 5:47 pm }

Was speaking to the Florida Cour System Public Information Officers. Great to be back in Florida.

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