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Tuition increase? The place is already so inexpensive it’s almost free

Talked about tuition increases with a few folks today.  It’s understandable that the residents of North Carolina should expect a high quaility of education at a great price, and from looking at the numbers they appear to be getting just that.

A proposed increase in undergraduate tuition would put the annual cost of attending NC State University at about $4,100 per year.  Yep, $4100.  Let me ask you, how much does it cost to send your kids to day care?

I don’t want to be glib here.  A good education at a great price is required in the state, but I know of only one other state system that even comes close.  That would be my former home, Florida.  Some states, like Pennsylvania, charge as much as $12,000 a year for a high quality public education.  The national average is about $6,500.  We all need to applaud the NC Legislature, University System and the universities themselves for providing the opportunity to receive a world-class education at a bargain basement price.

In other areas, meetings with univerisity communicators and members of the new staff continue.  There is a real passion for NC State within the group.  The people really care — care a lot — about this place.  They all seem eager to work together on a variety of issues and I’m excited to begin the engagement process.  I’m sure there will be disagreements and probably a little pain, but the first four days have been great.  I know, I know; four days does not a year make.  Heck, not even a week.  But I’m very encouraged and look forward to the coming months.

Headed to Gainesville tomorrow afternoon to be with the family during the transition period.  It will probably be a few months before we’re here together.  I’m going to change  the Hice School rules a bit here.  For the record, Fridays, Holidays, Sick Days and Vacation’s won’t be counted toward the 100 days . . . unless I have time to post.  So stay tuned.

Four of 100.


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