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Two down

Another good day. My first Executive Committee meeting. It was raining so I pulled out the trusty umbrella (the Gator umbrella) and headed over. Closed it up and set in the corner so as not to attract too much attention. Well, the Chancellor walks in, spots the umbrella. He picks it up and heads out of the room. (NC State is not Orange and Blue.) We’ll have to fix that, he says. Anyway, after some good natured banter the meeting proceeds. At the end the Chancellor says “Come with me.” We go up to his office and he presents me with a Red and White NC State umbrella. Use this, he says with a big smile. So the Gator umbrella will remain in the car. The Wolfpack shade will accompany me wherever I go.

Two of 100

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1 John Martin { 09.23.09 at 8:17 am }

Welcome to Raleigh and to NC State, Joe. You should get good use of your new gift, as I believe rain is in the forecast all the way through Sunday this week. 🙂

Not to put any pressure on you, but as a person who hasn’t missed a day of blogging (in my personal life) for over five years, I look forward to regular updates from you here. 🙂

Again, welcome!

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