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Chancellor Woodson has arrived

Randy Woodson arrived on campus today and started the morning with students.  He noted with a grin that our students have opinions about a lot of things; very strong opinions.  Transportation and parking, athletics, academics and the challenges of operating a decentralized major public university were among the issues they discussed.  The student experience at NC State was another.

He  then had meetings with the leadership groups of the Faculty and Staff senates, lunched with some of Raleigh’s business leaders, met with his team of Executive Officers (where he quoted John Fogarty,) hosted a reception for all those he will be working with at Holladay Hall, met with the editorial board of Technician, and finally had a moment to himself.  His schedule is similar tomorrow and the next day and the next day and the next day…

Whew.  I’m tired even thinking about what Chancellor Woodson has ahead of him as he takes control of the ship we know as North Carolina State University.

I was impressed with his presence throughout the day.  He was confident and well informed about NC State, but recognized he has much to learn and see before forming lasting opinions about the university.  He is a good listener.  He is also comfortable talking with students, staff, faculty, alumni and people throughout the community.  And he is humble, recognizing the tremendous opportunity he has before him and acknowledging the responsibilities of running the most important university in the state.  Strong traits for a new chancellor I think. (more…)