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Twitter going to the Dogs. Dog Book No. 3 in Tweets. A big bow wow to dog lovers

From Twittercism.com; Using both Twittercounter and Twitterholic (both of which actually have slight variations in their charts), and checking as much as I can on Twitter.com itself, I’ve taken a minute to calculate who it is that’s tweeting the most on Twitter, and (where possible) what is they’re talking about.Here then, are the top ten, ranked by daily average:

1. @Market_JP (1,560,818 tweets, 43 followers, 2,268 tweets per day)
The runaway leader on Twitter, and the only account with more than one million tweets, is @Market_JP, which seems to be some kind of feed of news from the Nikkei, the Japanese stockmarket.

2. @Nieuwslijstnl (529,393 tweets, 443 followers, 2,126 tweets per day)
News from Holland, and broadcast from Amsterdam at an astonishing rate.

3. @dogbook (470,210 tweets, 1,238 followers, 1,992 tweets per day)
Dogbook is the Facebook app that lets dog owners connect with each other. The @dogbook feed seems to tweet the updates from these folks’ dogs. At a rate of almost two thousand times per day. Good times.  Wuf Wuf.

4. @Aviongoo (420,597 tweets, 141 followers, 951 tweets per day)
This account links to Aviongoo.com, an ‘Aircraft market information site for aviation professionals’, but the tweets seem represent a stream of visits (perhaps to different aircraft?).

5. @InternetRadio (700,881 tweets, 333 followers, 909 tweets per day)
This account collects links from StationPortal.com which gathers songs broadcast on internet radio stations around the world.

6. @annoyingcanary2 (528,182 tweets, 1 follower, 886 tweets per day)
This is a protected account so I have no idea what they tweet about. Still, you wouldn’t want to be that one follower, would you?

7. @exteenrecent (461,443 tweets, 454 followers, 783 tweets per day)
Your guess is as good as mine what this one is all about.

8. @ATNews (575,643 tweets, 149 followers, 690 tweets per day)
Based in Vienna, this account transmits all the news from Austria that’s fit to print. And does so approximately every two minutes.

9. @PitbullSecurity (438,412 tweets, 1 follower, 573 tweets per day)
This is another protected account, with only one follower. Possibly it’s some kind of alert mechanism that’s sending notifications via Twitter.

10. @11870 (515,187 tweets, 1,234 followers, 529 tweets per day)
This Madrid-based account broadcasts updates from 11870.com, a web portal that allows users to “save, share and keep track of the places and services they like around the world through reviews, pictures and videos”.


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