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A day in the life of Tim Tebow, circa 2009

Watching yesterday’s NFL Playoff game where Denver quarterback and Gator great Tim Tebow continued to amaze brought back fond memories of The Gator Nation branding campaign at the University of Florida.

While Tebow was not directly involved in the campaign itself, his success — on the field and off — helped draw attention to the university and helped propel the campaign into the stratosphere.  I may be a little prejudice here, but I believe that campaign is still the finest higher education branding campaign in the nation.  No tricks, no gimmicks, pure Gator.

Anyway, we produced a little video back in 2009 that featured “A day in the life of” theme.  Naturally, everyone thought it was a day in the life of Tim Tebow.  That video still exists and is just another example of how one person, even one as big as Tim Tebow, can be part of something even bigger and have fun while doing so.  Do you think Tebow is having fun today!

Take a look.  I think you’ll enjoy.  And Go Broncos!

A day in the life of . . . Tim Tebow. A day in the life of Tim Tebow

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