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Russell Wilson is amazing. Richard Sherman is an (you fill in the blank)

I’m excited that Russell Wilson and Seattle will be playing in the Super Bowl, but so irritated by Seattle defensive back Richard Sherman that I’m tempted to not even watch the big game.

Russell Wilson is an amazing human being

Richard Sherman (#25 for Seattle) is a jerk.  He’s the reason people are moving away from the NFL. He’s a punk.  He’s an embarrassment to the NFL on National TV.

It is a shame because Russell Wilson is an amazing player.  I was fortunate enough to meet him when I was working at NC State. He has the drive, the passion, the compassion that makes us all proud.  I can’t imagine how he deals with idiots like Richard Sherman (#25 for the Seahawks.)

So while I’ll be rooting for Wilson and the Seahwaks in the Super Bowl, I hope Payton Manning and the Bronco’s throw at least two touchdowns over Richard Sherman (#25 for Seattle) and show what a fool he is to the nation, during the game.  Even if he really is a good guy (I have my doubts) his “first impression” made him many enemies.

So go Russell Wilson and Seattle.  Eff you Richard Sherman (#25 for Seattle.)   You’re an effing idiot.

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