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We’re growing — Lehigh Valley Health Network Joins the Moffitt Oncology Network

Lehigh Valley Health Network  is partnering with Moffitt Cancer Center to enhance cancer care by joining the newly launched Moffitt Oncology Network. Lehigh Valley, based in Allentown, Pa., is the first member of the network outside of Florida.  As a member of the Moffitt Oncology Network, Lehigh Valley will have access to Moffitt’s experts and best practices, which include multidisciplinary cancer care, peer review, clinical pathways and quality assurance standards.

The Moffitt Oncology Network extends Moffitt’s knowledge and expertise to physicians and providers with the goal of offering the best personalized cancer care. Lehigh Valley’s physicians will collaborate with Moffitt physicians on patient care and novel clinical research.

Key elements of the relationship include:

  • Joint clinical research-driven cancer care
  • Utilization of Moffitt Clinical Pathways
  • Quality management strategies including physician education and audits
  • Development of strategic Centers of Excellence

“Since our initial affiliation was announced two years ago, we have had a very fruitful collaboration with the faculty and researchers at Moffitt Cancer Center, one of the national leaders in cancer gene discovery,” said Suresh Nair, M.D., senior medical director, Lehigh Valley’s academic oncology programs.  “The Moffitt Oncology Network will continue to open many new possibilities for our patients with the close ongoing link to one of the top five cancer centers in the country.”

In 2011, Lehigh Valley announced a partnership with Moffitt to bring the most advanced cancer care to Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley and surrounding communities. Collaborations include an ovarian cancer trial to test choices of chemotherapy treatment based on the tumor DNA, and a smoking cessation pilot project targeted at pregnant women. More than 50 patients from Lehigh Valley have been involved in the two projects. Research with the Moffitt Oncology Network is expected to include additional tumor DNA study of various advanced-stage cancers and testing of a new drug for advanced stages of melanoma.

“It was natural for Moffitt to work with Lehigh Valley because our vision is aligned,” said Alan F. List, M.D., president and CEO of Moffitt. “Our goal at Moffitt is to utilize pathways and evidence-based medicine to bring high-quality, cost-effective cancer care and top-notch research closer to patients, so we can all be closer to a cure.”

As the importance of quality grows in health care reform, this partnership will position both organizations to better provide the best care in a changing environment.  Through use of Moffitt’s evidence based clinical pathways and the novel quality measurement and feedback projects, Lehigh Valley and Moffitt will be well positioned for the future.


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