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SCOPE Academy; We’re talking about SCIENCE!

By Steve Townsend, College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences:


Chancellor-elect Woodson recently stressed the importance of science and engineering in addressing “the grand challenges of society,”  such as water, climate and energy. At NC State, we believe this goes beyond educating those who will work directly in science and technology fields. It’s also important that we develop a strong scientific knowledge base among the general public and those who frame public policy.

Our elected and appointed officials need solid scientific information to make sound policy decisions, and citizens need the background and tools with which to evaluate those decisions. That’s why it’s important that our faculty take an interest in explaining their work outside their disciplines and that our colleges work together to prepare students not just to enter the workforce, but to be well-rounded, participatory members of society.

One way the College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences seeks to achieve this is by hosting Scope Academy, an annual science education outreach event that allows students, alumni and all fans of the sciences to come together to learn about the latest advances and issues in our disciplines of chemistry; mathematics; physics; statistics; and marine, earth and atmospheric sciences.

This year’s event is coming up on Saturday, April 10, and features a keynote address by former White House Science Advisor and NSF Director, Neal Lane. Dr. Lane will review a bit of the history of science in America, describe some current challenges and opportunities, and offer speculation on possible futures for American science and implications for the nation. This lecture is definitely not just for scientists and engineers. It’s for all of us who are interested in what it will take for the United State to remain a world leader in science and technology.

For more information or to register for Scope Academy, please visit http://www.pams.ncsu.edu/weekend/

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1 Steve Townsend { 03.23.10 at 8:41 am }

Thanks so much for including this. This is an event we in PAMS are very proud of. We hope everyone in the university community will consider attending and/or sharing with their constituencies.

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